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[Intern] Alice Xie
Date: Aug 7, 2015

 Although I have spent less than six weeks interning at CEN, I think the time I spent here was extremely valuable. One of the best things about this internship was that I was not thrown into the work right away without understanding what I was doing. As opposed to past experience, my mentor really made sure I understood everything well, walked me through all the techniques, and despite being a busy graduate student herself, she was always willing to help or make time for me. In fact, everyone in the labs was extremely friendly and helpful. As a non-Korean speaker, it was great that most members of the lab were able to communicate with me in adequate English, which I was very grateful for. I also appreciated the fact that I was able to learn quite a lot about the applications of nano-particles and learn the techniques to a point where I could be left alone with a specific experiment and enact it on my own if I had stayed longer. Reflecting on my experience in the lab, I think I took quite a lot away, including just being able to test the atmosphere and work environment of a chemical engineering lab, but also gaining knowledge that is incredibly interesting and relevant. Although I am a prospective Computer Engineering major, this internship seriously made me reconsider my major, and I believe that is only one indication that everyone, whether majoring in a related field or not, would find joining this internship to be a great experience. Regardless, I think the concepts I learned and the wide variety of applications for the work done at CEN definitely broadened my view of what can be accomplished in science, and perhaps even be applied in computer science as well.   
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Aug 7, 2015
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Aug 16, 2014

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