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    • 2020 Open House for Freshers and Family
    • SF@Y Gene Editing Team Video
    • SF@Y Nano MRI Team Video
    • SF@Y Quantum Dot Team Video
    • [Video] IBS Science Talk-10 by Prof. Mikhail G.Shapiro (Imaging & Bio-engineering of Caltech)
    • [Video] IBS Science Talk-9 by Director. Hee Sup Shin (IBS Center for Cognition and Sociality)
    • ACS Publications-IBS Forum in Brief (2019)
    • IBS Science Factory 2019 Summer
    • Interview with Nobel Laureate at Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
    • Nano BME 2019
    • NanoBME Science Factory at YONSEI(Quantum Dot Team)
    • NanoBME Science Factory at YONSEI(Gene Editing Team)


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