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[Intern] Elynor kamil
Date: Aug 16, 2014

I was given the opportunity of working in the CEN, learning more about magnetic nanoparticles based on magnetite. Although I had not been that familiar with the wide field of nanochemistry before the summer project, I left knowing a lot more, and feeling more interested than ever in this diverse field of science. The members of the group were very patient and helpful in teaching me more about the theories, as well as the practical side of things, giving me much more confidence with the synthesis of these magnetic nanoparticles by the end of the internship. It was really interesting to learn about how shape, doping levels, and size all have a potentially huge impact on the properties, and seeing theory validated through synthesis and analysis was incredibly satisfying. Overall, it was a great, engaging experience, and I am very thankful that Professor Cheon and his group accommodated me over the summer.
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Aug 16, 2014
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Aug 16, 2014

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