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[Intern] Sarah Lee
Date: Dec 20, 2016

I spent one of the most exciting and meaningful six weeks at CEN as a lab intern. With huge amount of help from fellow interns and mentors, I learned so much from synthesizing zinc doped iron oxide nanoparticles to utilizing the nanoparticles for diverse biological applications. Specifically, in Professor Cheon’s Lab, our group focused on using the zinc doped iron oxide nanoparticles as “magnetic switch” which triggers cell apoptosis through extrinsic pathway. Then, we carried out drug delivery by which we conjugated an anticancer drug called doxorubicin to the nanoparticle so that the nanoparticles can move inside the cell and “deliver” doxorubicin to cell nucleus so that cancer cells can be more effectively destroyed. We also learned another experiment by which we tracked a single protein molecule. By using Total Internal Reflection Microscope (TIRF), activity of single protein molecule inside the cell can be monitored. I was constantly amazed by the advanced and novel technologies being developed at CEN. Also, during the learning process, my mentors-Jihyo, Hoyoung, Hongsuh, Heejin, Byungsan, and Halin- and my peer interns approached me with kind hearts and fully respected my opinions at all times. Through collaboration and communication with them, I gained so much interpersonal and professional skills. I would really like to thank Professor Cheon for providing me with such great opportunity and everyone at CEN for giving me amazing experience. 


Thank you!


Sarah (Hyunsu) Lee 

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Dec 20, 2016
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