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Justyn Jaworski
Date: Jun 8, 2011

Through a grant from NSF and KOSEF, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with a world renowned nanochemistry research group at Yonsei University.  In doing so, my mind was opened to new ideas and applications at the interface of biology, chemistry, and nanoscience.  With the help of Professor Cheon and all of the nanochemistry lab group members, I was able to carry out a summer research project on the controlled release of DNA via nanoparticle heating.  I am very thankful for this experience, as it has enhanced my scientific training and more importantly has changed the way I view research.  Specifically, I learned first-hand how international research efforts are a critical component to overcoming worldwide problems such as medical treatment and energy issues.  Also, this exchange program has allowed me to see the manner in which science policy is conducted on a global scale.  I was fortunate to be able to interact and share ideas with talented researchers from around East Asia thereby greatly enhancing my contacts for future collaborations in engineering and nanoscience.  Upon returning back to UC Berkeley, I have noticed that this experience has been important in both my intellectual and professional development.  Additionally, the traditional as well as the modern culture of Korea was a pleasure to experience. 

Justyn Jaworski (UC Berkeley & UCSF)

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