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[Intern] Eun-Mee Grace Lee
Date: Aug 7, 2015

For the past six weeks, I had the opportunity to work in the CEN lab as an intern. My partner and I researched the topic of zinc doped magnetic nanoparticles, which is something I’ve never really studied before. We synthesized differently sized nanoparticles to compare the effect of size on the magnetization value. We also explored the effect of a zinc dopant in the magnetic nanoparticles. We read many thesis papers, from which I learned different principles pertaining to the nanoparticles. I had a great partner with whom I discussed lingering questions about papers or the experiment and a wonderful mentor who taught us the different techniques that were necessary to synthesize the different nanoparticles. The presentation at the end of the internship was a great way to wrap up the whole program, and it was great to see what the other interns did during the six weeks. Not only did I learn completely new concepts, I also made many new acquaintances with great people. I am so very thankful to Professor Cheon and to his lab assistants for giving me this great and exciting opportunity and hope to visit the lab again someday.
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Aug 7, 2015
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Aug 7, 2015

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