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[Intern] Brian Kong (Aug 7, 2015) Hot

My experiences here at the Center for Evolutionary Nanoparticles have been one of the most fulfil...

[Intern] Eun-Mee Grace Lee (Aug 7, 2015) Hot

For the past six weeks, I had the opportunity to work in the CEN lab as an intern. My partner and ...

[Intern] Injae Chung (Aug 7, 2015) Hot

My internship in CEN was based largely on the surface modification of magnetic nanoparticles an...

[Intern] Alice Xie (Aug 7, 2015) Hot

Although I have spent less than six weeks interning at CEN, I think the time I spent here was ext...

[Intern] Darya Shchepanovska (Aug 16, 2014) Hot

My summer research project at the Centre for Evolutionary Nanoparticles was focused on the synth...

[Intern] Elynor kamil (Aug 16, 2014) Hot

I was given the opportunity of working in the CEN, learning more about magnetic nanoparticles base...

[Intern] Seungmin Kim (Aug 16, 2014) Hot

The internship experience at the Centre for Evolutionary Nanoparticle has been fun, challenging, a...

[Intern] David Lah (Aug 16, 2014) Hot

During the course of four weeks I have experienced and learned many aspects, skills, and knowledge...

[Intern] Dorcas Kong (Aug 16, 2014) Hot

Through Yonsei University"s exchange program, I had the opportunity to intern at Professor Jinwoo ...

Justyn Jaworski (Jun 8, 2011) Hot

Through a grant from NSF and KOSEF, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with a world renown...


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