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[Intern] Joseph Emsley
Date: Dec 20, 2016

Interning at the Centre for Nanomedicine has been a wholly fulfilling experience. Projects in which I was involved stemmed from the synthesis of “evolutionary nanoparticles”, and their bio-application. Firstly, I prepared zinc-doped iron oxide, employing centrifuge separation and familiar synthetic techniques. Such nanoparticles may act as “magnetic switches” in initiating apoptosis. Secondly, I worked on surface modification of these nanoparticles, coating them with materials like silica for aqueous solubility. This is necessary for introduction to aqueous media – namely, the human body. Finally, I synthesised “core-shell” type nanoparticles, effective as hyperthermia agents in cancer therapy.


The six-week internship was well structured, insightful and stimulating. I had the freedom to share my own ideas and have thought-provoking discussions regarding the underlying theory. I cannot more highly commend the graduate mentors – they went to great lengths to make this non-native speaker very welcome, and teach me a thing or two about Korean culture (for example, the skilful art of eating bulgogi!). The Cheon Group has been excellent in accommodating me this summer, and for this I am truly grateful. I look forward to returning to Korea in the future.​ 

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Dec 20, 2016
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