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[Intern] Injae Chung
Date: Aug 7, 2015

 My internship in CEN was based largely on the surface modification of magnetic nanoparticles and their subsequent bio-application: namely hyperthermia, which can be exploited as a form of treatment for cancer. We worked on DLD-1 colon cells and transfected them with modified nanoparticles to induce cell death using AC magnetic fields. Although my major Biochemistry is not directly related to the work done in CEN, it was a worthwhile experience to expose myself to a less familiar field involving the manipulation of nanoparticles, a modern area of research I have now found great interest in. The friendly ambience within the laboratory allowed me to adjust easily into the initially foreign environment, and having been assigned to an experienced and thoughtful supervisor, I was able to fully utilise my time here in CEN. Throughout the 6 weeks I gained knowledge and lab techniques I would otherwise not have from textbooks, and with complete understanding of the basic principles of the experiments I performed, I had the chance to present our work in a seminar at the end of the internship. This research project was definitely a personal achievement, and I am grateful to Professor Cheon and the entire group for the opportunity to work in CEN and the memorable experience from this internship.

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Aug 7, 2015
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