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[Intern] Seungmin Kim
Date: Aug 16, 2014

The internship experience at the Centre for Evolutionary Nanoparticle has been fun, challenging, and educative. Professor Cheon’s group showed me that groundbreaking medical applications can be achieved through the means of chemistry. My work throughout the 6 week period covered various aspects of nano-medicine from the synthesis and modification of nanoparticles, MRI imaging, various microscopy, and nanoparticle treatment on DLD1 colon cancer cells. These widely spread themes allowed me to gain an overall understanding of nanoparticle application in medical sciences. I have no doubt that this internship will aid me greatly in my future career as a researcher. However, the most important thing I gained during my time at Yonsei was not the research itself, but the kind and caring people I met. I would like to thank everyone in Professor Cheon´s group once again for giving me a life-changing experience. 
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Aug 16, 2014
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