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Bryce Sadtler
Date: Dec 23, 2010

Through the NSF´s East and Pacific Summer Institute Program, I conducted research in the laboratory of Jinwoo Cheon at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea during the summer of 2008. The Cheon group is internationally recognized for its innovations in the synthesis and applications of colloidal inorganic nanocrystals with projects ranging from the mechanistic understanding of shaped-control in anisotropic nanocrystals to biomedical diagnostics using magnetic nanocrystals. My project  entailed the intercalation behavior of two-dimensional nanocrystals. This research enabled me to use the knowledge and skils that I have developed during my graduate work in the Alivisatos group at UC Berkely  and apply them to a novel class of materials. This research is important for future applications of nanocrystals as catalyst and electrodes in solid-state batteries.
Collaboration with my host advisor at Yonsei and the graduate students in his laboratory was crucial to the implementation of this project. The members of the Cheon laboratory aided in every aspect of my research project, from the initial plannig of experiments, to providing samples and performing analytical charaterizaion. The collaborative dynamic of the group greatly facilitated the execution of the proposed experiment during a relatively short timeframe. The Cheon group and KOSEF also provided a rich cultural experience through acrivities outside of the lab. This included my introduction to a wide variety of traditional Korean-style karaoke, and visits to the country-side and historic site within Korea. 
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