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Deborah Aruguete
Date: Dec 16, 2010

As part of collaboration with the group of professor Paul Alivisatos(UC Berkeley), I did six weeks of research at the laboratory of Prof, Jinwoo Cheon. My goals were to learn more about synthetic nanochemistry and to begin the develoopment of an iron sulfide nanocrystal synthesis. Ptrofessor Cheon and his group ewe extremely kind and helped me to achieve these goals. I believe that ihave benefited from my exchange experience, and perhaps have benefited my Korean colleagues as well. I have learned about a more orderly and disciplined approch tp research, while they have observed my indenpendent style. This experience can help us to both become better scientists. As science become an increasingly global efforts, with international collaboration. it is vital that we learn about each other´s cultures; such exchages allow us to do this. Thus, I believe that the knowledge and connections i have gained here expending experience . I appriciate the effects of my labmates and host to make my stay both productive and enjoyable.
  Prev Sassan Sheikholeslami
Dec 16, 2010

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