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Hakho Lee, Tae-Hyun Shin, Jinwoo Cheon, and Ralph Weissleder*
Recent Developments in Magnetic Diagnostic Systems
Chem. Rev., 115 (19), 10690-10724
Date: Aug 10, 2015

Rapid point-of-care (POC) diagnostics that enable specific cellular and molecular detection are currently being developed while some have already become clinical reality. These diagnostics are often based on portable, hand-held instruments and reagent-containing test kits. Overall, the development has largely been driven by technological advances, medical needs, and cost-saving initiatives. For example, POC systems allow care providers to obtain test results quicker,(1) which in turn enables immediate clinical management decisions and elimination of costly delays to result in better care. The introduction of POC systems into primary and home care will ultimately preempt unnecessary hospitalization, improve inefficiencies associated with expensive hospital-based medical care, and reduce dependence on large, centralized clinics for routine diagnosis.(2, 3) POC technologies are also expected to have major impacts in resource-limited settings and low/middle income countries where access to healthcare is often limited.(4)

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