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Joon-rak Choi, Sang Jun Oh, Honglyoul Ju, Jinwoo Cheon
"Massive Fabrication of Free-Standing One-Dimensional Co/Pt Nanostructures and Modulation ofFerromagnetism
Nano Lett., 5​ (11), 2179-2183
Date: Nov 9, 2005

Massive fabrication of free-standing Co/Pt magnetic barcode nanowires with well-defined interfaces and layer thicknesses is obtained after freeing them from porous templates. Such barcodes display bamboo-like shapes with identical motifs either inside or out of the templates. The ferromagnetism of these barcode nanowires can be modulated easily depending on the cobalt segments and shape anisotropies. Further enhancements of the ferromagnetism of Co/Pt barcodes are also accomplished through interfacial alloying processes via a thermally induced phase transition.

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