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Tian Qiao†, Xiaohan Liu†, Daniel Rossi, Mohit Khurana, Yulin Lin, Jianguo Wen, Jinwoo Cheon, Alexey V. Akimov, and Dong Hee Son* († equally contributed)
Magnetic Effect of Dopants on Bright and Dark Excitons in Strongly Confined Mn-Doped CsPbI3 Quantum Dots
Nano Lett., 21 (22), 9543–9550
Date: Nov 24, 2021


We investigated the magnetic effect of Mn2+ ions on an exciton of Mn-doped CsPbI3 quantum dots (QDs), where we looked for the signatures of an exciton magnetic polaron known to produce a large effective magnetic field in Mn-doped CdSe QDs. In contrast to Mn-doped CdSe QDs that can produce ∼100 T of magnetic field upon photoexcitation, manifested as a large change in the energy and relaxation dynamics of a bright exciton, Mn-doped CsPbI3 QDs exhibited little influence of a magnetic dopant on the behavior of a bright exciton. However, a μs-lived dark exciton in CsPbI3 QDs showed 40% faster decay in the presence of Mn2+, equivalent to the effect of ∼3 T of an external magnetic field. While further study is necessary to fully understand the origin of the large difference in the magneto-optic property of an exciton in two systems, we consider that the difference in antiferromagnetic coupling of the dopants is an important contributing factor.


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