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Ye Ri Han, Jae Soon Kim, Woo‐Jin Park, Chang‐Hee Lee, Jinwoo Cheon, Chul‐Ho Jun*
Recyclable Transition Metal Catalysis using Bipyridine-Functionalized SBA-15 by Co-condensation of Methallylsilane with TEOS
Chem. Asian J, 16(3), 197-201
Date: Feb 1, 2021

Well‐defined recyclable Pd‐ and Rh‐bipyridyl group‐impregnated SBA‐15 catalysts were prepared for C−C bond coupling reaction and selective hydrogenation reactions, respectively. These SBA‐15 derived ligands for the catalysts were prepared by direct and indirect co‐condensation method using bipyridyl‐linked methallylsilane. This indirect method, involving methoxysilane generated from methallylsilane shows higher loading efficiency of transition metal catalysts on SBA‐15 than the direct use of methallylsilane.

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