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Young-Geun Park†, Yong Won Kwon†, Chin Su Koh†, Enji Kim†, Dong Ha Lee, Sumin Kim, Jongmin Mun, Yeon-Mi Hong, Sanghoon Lee, Ju-Young Kim, Jae-Hyun Lee, Hyun Ho Jung*, Jinwoo Cheon*, Jin Woo Chang*, and Jang-Ung Park* († equally contributed)
In-vivo Integration of Soft Neural Probes Through High-Resolution Printing of Liquid Electronics on the Cranium
Nat. Commun., 15, 1772
Date: Feb 27, 2024

Current soft neural probes are still operated by bulky, rigid electronics mounted to a body, which deteriorate the integrity of the device to biological systems and restrict the free behavior of a subject. We report a soft, conformable neural interface system that can monitor the single-unit activities of neurons with long-term stability. The system implements soft neural probes in the brain, and their subsidiary electronics which are directly printed on the cranial surface. The high-resolution printing of liquid metals forms soft neural probes with a cellular-scale diameter and adaptable lengths. Also, the printing of liquid metal-based circuits and interconnections along the curvature of the cranium enables the conformal integration of electronics to the body, and the cranial circuit delivers neural signals to a smartphone wirelessly. In the in-vivo studies using mice, the system demonstrates long-term recording (33 weeks) of neural activities in arbitrary brain regions. In T-maze behavioral tests, the system shows the behavior-induced activation of neurons in multiple brain regions.

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