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Wookjin Shin†, Sumin Jeong†, Jung-uk Lee, Soo Yeun Jeong, Jeonghong Shin, Hyongbum Henry Kim*, Jinwoo Cheon*, and Jae-Hyun Lee *(† equally contributed)
Magnetogenetics with Piezo1 Mechanosensitive Ion Channel for CRISPR Gene Editing
Nano Lett., 22 (18), 7415–7422
Date: Sep 7, 2022

Regulation of genetic activity in single cells and tissues is pivotal to determine key cellular functions in current biomedicine, yet the conventional biochemical activators lack spatiotemporal precision due to the diffusion-mediated slow kinetics and nonselectivity. Here, we describe a magnetogenetic method for target-specific activation of a clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) system for the regulation of intracellular proteins. We used magnetomechanical force generated by the magnetic nanostructure to activate pre-encoded Piezo1, the mechanosensitive ion channel, on the target cell. The activated Piezo1 further triggers the intracellular Ca2+ signaling pathway, inducing the pre-encoded genes to express genes of interest (GOIs), which is Cas9 protein for the CRISPR regulation of the target proteins. We demonstrated that this magnetogenetic CRISPR system successfully edits the target genome for both in vitro and pseudo-in vivo environments, providing a versatile magnetic platform for remote gene editing of animals with various size scales.

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