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[Seminar] [Special Seminar] Prof. Hakho Lee (Harvard MGH), Sep/29/2022 "Insight into the Editorial Process from a Cell Editor" (Sep 29, 2022)

This presentation will describe our recent advances that leverage EVs for early cancer detection. Specifically, we will discuss the single EV analysis (SEA) platform that characterizes individual EVs for multiple protein markers. This method helps us unveil EV heterogeneity, which maximizes biological information content (specificity and sensitivity) for tumor-derived vesicles. We will review the SEA’s development and pilot application to diagnose early cancers.

[Seminar] IBS Conference on Nano and Physical Modalities in Neurotechnology (Sep 23, 2022)

IBS Conference on Nano and Physical Modalities in Neurotechnology was held at the IBS Hall at Yonsei University between two days 19-20th September 2022.

[Seminar] [Special Seminar] Scott Behie, Ph.D (Cell), Aug/31/2022 "Insight into the Editorial Process from a Cell Editor" (Aug 25, 2022)

Navigating the publishing process can seem mysterious and daunting. In this seminar, I hope to offer insight into the way the editors at the journal Cell work together to evaluate manuscript submissions, our decision-making processes and how to connect with the editors about your exciting science.

[Seminar] [Special Seminar] Prof. Dong Hee Son (Texas A&M, Yonsei ASI), Jul/19/2022 "How photoinduced halide exchange in perovskite quantum dots enables radical-based photochemistry" (Jul 14, 2022)

We will discuss the stable and selective photogeneration of aminium and aminyl radicals from the same amine precursor via tunable charge carrier imbalance condition enabled by the photoinduced anion exchange that opens unconventional but highly effective pathway of removing electrons irreversibly from the NCs. The coupling between the radicals photogenerated by CsPbX3 NCs, for which II-VI semiconductor NCs are catalytically inactive, will also be discussed.

[Seminar] [Special Seminar] Juneyoung Lee, Ph.D. (Moderna), Jul/05/2022 (Jul 5, 2022)

In this talk, first, I will go over some of my past research on “Trehalose Glycopolymers and Hydrogels for Enhancing Protein Stability”. Then I will focus on my career journey by sharing my experience throughout Yonsei University, University of California, Los Angeles (graduate school), California Institute of Technology (post-doctoral), and being part of the US Biotech industry, Moderna. The talk will be informal, engaging, and interactive by encouraging active participation and questions from the audience.

[Seminar] [Special Seminar] Prof. Joon Sup Yeom & Hyuk Min Lee (Yonsei Severance), Jun/21/2022 (Jun 17, 2022)

On Tuesday, Jun 21st, 2022, the 9th Special Seminar of IBS CNM & NanoBME will be held at the Auditorium at IBS Hall at 4:00 p.m.

[Event] 연세대학교-기초과학연구원(IBS) 기관장 간담회 개최 (May 24, 2022)

지난 2022년 5월 20일 금요일, 연세대학교 본관에서 연세대학교와 기초과학연구원(IBS)의 기관장 간담회가 개최되었다. 이번 간담회를 통해, 세계적 수준 기초과학 창출 및 진흥을 위한 연세대와 IBS의 협력관계의 고도화에 대해 논의하는 시간을 가졌다.

[Event] 천진우 교수, 2021 언더우드 특훈교수 임명 (May 18, 2022)

천진우 교수는 우수한 연구 업적을 달성한 공로를 인정받아, 2021년 연세대학교 언더우드 특훈교수로 임명되었다.

[Event] 2022 Teacher's Day Ceremony & IBS CNM Happy Hour (May 16, 2022) Hot

On the 13th of May 2022, the Teacher's Day Ceremony and Happy Hour of IBS CNM was held at the Auditorium and IBS Lounge at IBS Hall.

[Seminar] [Special Seminar] Prof.Niko Hildebrandt (SNU/Université Paris-Saclay), May/24/2022 "Multiplexed FRET nanobiosensors for optical barcoding and molecular logic gates" (May 11, 2022)

The presentation will explain timeresolved and time-gated FRET and the specific benefits for spectral and temporal luminescence multiplexing with different materials and instruments. Then, recent applications concerning multiplexed FRET biosensing and bioimaging in solution, in-vitro, in-situ, and in-vivo with a special focus on optical barcoding and molecular logic gates will be discussed.


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